aerial drone photos
Aerial drone photography


Real estate listing photos

My name is Aaron Pedersen. I am a full-time, licensed and insured real estate photographer in Tacoma, WA. I specialize in providing listing photos for residential properties in the South Puget Sound area. Standard listing packages are $169 and typically include 35-50 finished photos.

Why so many? The MLS currently allows up to 25 photos per listing; my goal is to provide you with more than you need so that you can choose “the best 25 photos” based on your expertise of each home’s area and selling points.


Aerial drone photography

I am also an FAA certified drone pilot able to provide aerial photos of your property to greatly enhance your marketing package. Drone services can be added for as little as $69.


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When someone asks me what the main difference is between shooting portraits and shooting real estate, the first thing that comes to mind is depth of field. Photos of brides and infants tend to have large areas of the frame that are artistically out of focus. In my opinion, everything should be in focus in a good real estate photo .. read more

That home sold the first day too. I think your photos are good luck.” -B.R.