Add video to your marketing package

  • Breathe life into the imagery that originally attracted your potential buyers.
  • Accurately portray aspects of a property that would be challenging to demonstrate with still photos.
  • Add an immersive media experience to engage your audience on a deeper level.

Example video:

Separate your MLS listing from the competition

Video production provides powerful imagery and messaging that speaks to your buyers. Our videos include live footage taken from your property paired with custom audio tracks to complement the visual setting. We also offer the following custom options:

  • Realtor branding
  • Area maps
  • Detailed captions of what is on screen
  • Helpful neighborhood and community information

More example videos:

Capture the neighborhood with drone video

More visual media is better when clamoring for the attention of prospective home buyers in 2020. Proximity to parks, bodies of water, and nearby schools & businesses are often best seen through the eye of the drone camera. Modern technology makes it easy and affordable to capture a unique perspective of your property from the air.

Simplify your schedule

Get all of your real estate media from one source and keep more of your time free to focus on marketing. Photos and video can be shot in a single 1-2 hour appointment.

Real estate media pricing

Standard real estate listing, up to 3000 sq ft: $199
(Larger than 3000 sq ft, add $50 per 1,000 sq ft)

Real estate video, approximately 2 minutes: $249

Aerial/drone photo & video add-on: $99

3D Matterport virtual tour: $0.10/sq ft